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Registration by phone


Sunroof Express, along with our subsidiary businesses, Specialty Glass Express and RV Glass Express, invite you to apply to become an authorized participant in our Repair Facility Network. The Repair Facility Network was developed to enhance the sunroof glass, specialty glass, and RV windshield replacement experience for both vehicle owners and repair shops alike.

Benefits of an Authorized Repair Facility Network Participant

Choose your Participation based on your Capabilities and Expertise
Whether you offer sunroof glass, specialty glass, or RV windshield replacement service, you can participate in the network(s) of your choice.

No Cost Referrals
Once registered and approved as an authorized Repair Facility Network participant, you’ll be eligible to receive referrals for customers requiring sunroof glass replacement, specialty glass replacement, and RV windshield replacement services in your area. Repair Facility Network participants are compensated for the labor for assigned work orders using Sunroof Express, Specialty Glass Express, and RV Glass Express supplied parts.

Partner with the Industry Leader
Sunroof Express with The Express Group is the nation’s largest administrator and distributor of specialty glass replacement services and parts. You'll be among a select group of high-level technicians and join a team affiliated with the most recognized and trusted brand in the industry.

Access to Parts at Exclusive Discounts
You'll receive 24/7 web-based access to the nation's largest sunroof parts inventory at exclusive discounts. The portal gives you real-time insight to part availability and pricing, allowing you to easily and quickly order any of the over 5000 related part numbers maintained in our inventory.

Overview of Application

The application includes the following:
  • Repair Facility Information
  • General Program Requirements & Expectations
  • Shop Capability Survey
  • Terms of Agreement

Documents Required for Application

The following documents are required for submission within the application:
  • Proof of Commercial & General Liability Insurance.


Complete our Network Repair Facility application by selecting "Register Now" below. (est. completion time 5 minutes)